Most of you don’t need an excuse to go out and buy records, but if you are looking for one — here it is! This Saturday, April 20th, several stores in our area will have live music and events to celebrate Record Store Day. A few of our favorites include: Silver PlattersEveryday MusicEasy Street Records, Sonic Boom Records, and Bop Street Records.  Other participating record stores can be found on the Record Store Day Website.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite piece of vinyl, bring it by Definitive in Seattle or Definitive in Bellevue and we’ll help you get the best sound possible by using our premium record cleaning machine (two records per person). You’re also welcome to stay and listen to your new music on one of our high-fidelity sound systems. We look forward to seeing you!

Other useful information:
‘The List’ of what will be released exclusively for Record Store Day 2013.
The Record Store Day App: Android | Apple