Light in the Attic Records

Have you ever wondered what happened to all of the music that has come and gone throughout the years? There have been so many artists, genres, bands, etc. over the past century that there are many musical treasures to be found if one were to look for them, each of them with a story to tell. It’s overwhelming to be sure. Thankfully, there are a handful of record labels in the world that do the hard work, seeking out the obscure, eclectic, and influential sounds that have shaped much of what we listen to today.

Jim Sullivan's UFO on LP

Local Seattle-based record label and distributor Light In The Attic finds those rare musical gems, often lost for decades, and re-issues them for us to enjoy. Take the recent re-release of Jim Sullivan’s U.F.O., a nearly impossible to find record until Light In The Attic found a copy and after some painstaking work have made the original 1970 recording available once more. What’s even more intriguing is the story that accompanies the record, one that ends in the mysterious disappearance of Jim Sullivan in 1975. It’s simply one of many similar stories behind the varied genres and artists on the label. Light In The Attic also carefully selects and distributes a few titles from various other record labels around the world, for a catalog that varies from 60’s psych/folk, 70’s gospel/soul, to the original sounds of Afrobeat and Indian Bollywood.

Definitive is now carrying select LP’s from Light In The Attic at our Seattle showroom. If you’re curious about why vinyl is making a comeback (and why we’ve never stopped spinning records), or if you’ve been listening to vinyl for years but have never experienced what a high performance analog playback system offers, please stop in and we’ll be happy to give you a demonstration.

Jesse | Seattle Showroom