In search of the perfect sound.

Whether large or small, we spend a lot of time listening, evaluating, and then listening some more before we select a loudspeaker for Definitive. We have carried many brands for decades and others are new, but each is able to create a sense of musicality. A speaker is not the only important element of a good music or movie system, but it is the last link in the chain, and even great equipment can’t make up for the wrong speaker.

Speaker Selection

We have a wide selection of speakers in both size and price. We will help you decide which speaker is right for your home, your office or your dorm room.

Every customer has a particular 'sound' that they prefer. You may not even know what it is yet, but we'll take the time to help you find it. Let us know your budget, room dimensions, current set-up and any aesthetic requirements you may have — and we'll help you make the perfect selection.

Speaker trade-up program

If after a while you think you want to upgrade, we have a one-year speaker trade-up program that gives you full credit toward new speakers – as long they are at least twice the price of the speakers you originally purchased.


b&w Speaker

bowers and wilkins

Goldenear JL audio
Linn Magnepan meridian
PSB Vandersteen** Vienna Acoustics
wilsonaudio Wisdom  

**Available at Advanced Audio, Tacoma only.