Linn CEO Gilad Tiefenbrun's 50th Anniversary Playlist

by The Definitive Team

As the CEO of Linn Products, Gilad Tiefenbrun possesses an acute understanding of the delicate alchemy that goes into producing high-quality audio equipment. In preparation for our 50th-anniversary event, Gilad assembled the perfect playlist to showcase the limited edition Linn LP12-50 turntable paired with their newest flagship 360 loudspeakers. With an ear finely tuned to the nuances of sound, he carefully curated a range of tracks that traverse genres and eras. From the velvet smoothness of a vintage jazz record to the electrifying vitality of contemporary rock, Gilad's playlist is a melodic journey that reveals the Linn's ability to reproduce sound with unparalleled warmth, depth, and fidelity. This is more than just a collection of songs; it's a testament to the unwavering commitment of Linn Products to deliver the purest representation of music.

CEO and colleagues together

Here are a few highlights.

No Moon At All - Diana Krall

He kicks off the journey with Diana Krall's "No Moon At All," a track that allows the Linn 360 to flaunt its ability to deliver subtle dynamics and the nuances of Krall's smoky jazz vocals. The speaker's precise handling of the piano and bass line respects the intimate, quiet nature of this song, showcasing the Linn 360's prowess at presenting every note with delicate balance and clarity.

This is What You Are - Mario Biondi

Up next, we have Mario Biondi's "This is What You Are," where the Linn 360 demonstrates its adeptness at projecting rich, soulful vocals. The speaker's wide soundstage comes into play, making the full-bodied arrangement of the song fill the room without losing any of the distinct instrumental lines. Biondi's rich, warm voice is delivered with depth and authenticity, proving that the Linn 360 is built to handle complex, multilayered tracks with ease.

Ratchets – Hedegaard

This song is an auditory feast, allowing the Linn 360 to flaunt its capacity to handle heavy beats and complex electronic soundscapes. The low frequencies are punchy and defined without muddying the mid-range, highlighting the speaker's control and wide dynamic range.

Codeine Dream - Colter Wall

Colter Wall's "Codeine Dream" really highlights the Linn LP12-50's ability to reproduce the raw, authentic sounds of the guitar, and Wall's profound voice is put to the test. The intimate details of the plucked guitar strings and the rustic grain in Wall's voice are reproduced with precision, painting a clear, sonic picture of this acoustic folk ballad.

Icky Thump - The White Stripes

The Linn system's capabilities are pushed to new heights as it faithfully delivers the crunching guitar riffs, the sharp drum beats, and Jack White's powerful vocals. The speaker keeps each element separate and defined, demonstrating its knack for clarity, even amidst the energetic chaos of an energetic rock track.

Brought to life by the Linn 360 speakers and the new LP12-50, the playlist is a testament to the depth and breadth of Linn's performance across various genres. With each song, we've unraveled the speaker's ability to deliver the subtleties of a delicate jazz number, the richness of a soul track, the excitement of an EDM piece, the raw authenticity of an acoustic song, and the aggressive energy of a rock anthem. The Linn 360 not only accepts this challenge but thrives on it, proving its worth as a versatile, high-quality audio companion for any music lover.

Click the image below for the full playlist.

Linn 50th Anniversary – Gilad’s Playlist