Meet Moon Audio

by Dat Luu

We’ve heard you! Thanks to your customer survey feedback earlier this year, we were able to identify an increased interest in premium streaming solutions.

We love the process of seeking out new products and evaluating sound quality, equipment build, and hi-fi manufactures who are as passionate about music as we are! For the past few months, we have been auditioning several options – and we have found the perfect solution for our customers.

We are pleased to introduce you to MOON by Simaudio.

Meet Moon Audio

MOON is one of North America’s leading high-end audio manufacturers who provide all-in-one streaming integrated amps starting at $3400. Like us, they have been in the industry a long time (for over 40-years!), and the drive their team has to push the limits between science and sound is impressive. Their products make the recorded sound as believable as a live performance.

What other reasons do we believe their products are a perfect fit?

  • The sound and ease of use. When you listen to a MOON system, not only does it sound great, but it is also easy to use. Every time we listen, we found ourselves slipping into a space of fluidity, relaxation, and spaciousness.
  • Streaming is well represented. MOON Audio provides a multi-room, multi-synch technology available with a DAC, a DAC and Preamplifier, and a stand-alone streaming-only unit. These variants offer an optimal way to add a streaming capability to your existing system.
  • Build. The detail and care that goes into the whole engineering and build process are impressive. MOON Audio has very high standards for material, quality control, reliability, and performance. Also, they strive to build products that have minimal impacts on the environment.
  • Longevity. MOON Audio has one of the most impressive warranty coverage in the industry that covers its products for 10-years. They also offer a unique trade-in program.
  • Passion. Like us, MOON Audio believes in the power of music and has a passion for recreating a listening experience just like the musician intended.

Product Highlights

  • ACE All-in-One Music PlayerCompact and easy-to-use, the ACE is Roon Ready and allows the playback of all major file formats, including DSD, and MQA.
  • 390 Network Player / PreamplifierThe MOON 390 is a multi-function crossover type product that has the function of a modern network player (MiND 2), DAC, preamplifier, headphone amplifier, and phono stage. In other words, it provides the performance you want with the flexibility you need! 680D Streaming DAC
  • 680D Streaming DACThe MOON 680D is, in a way, the prodigal little brother to the 780D v2. With our latest generation of DAC and the technology of its older brother, it redefines the listening experience in every possible sense.

We hope you’re excited about this new line of products! With a full complement of streaming products, in-house manufacturing, the ‘Reach for the Moon’ upgrade program and a 10-year warranty make the Moon products an exciting offering for our customers.

Please drop by our Seattle, Bellevue, or Tacoma showrooms and test-drive the MOON sound. We promise you’ll never want it to end.