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Introducing L10

CH Precision L10 is an entire new standard for musical performance.

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CH Precision: Setting A New Standard to High End Audio

By combining the best aspects of both digital and analog, we can create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, a circuit that is shorter and quieter, a product that is more flexible and adaptable, the end result a performance that sets new standards – musically and operationally. Definitive is delighted to introduce CH Precisions exceptional amplifiers like the M1.1 and many more. Join us to listen to the Classic and Flagship component in Bellevue.

M1.1 New-Paradigm in Power Amplification

M1.1’s sonic and musical performance challenges the state-of the- art, an incredibly short audio signal path executed with exacting component choices and construction, a massive power supply providing absolute stability and unfettered headroom, capable of meeting both the most delicate and most massive musical demands. But what makes the M1.1 really different is its software driven housekeeping capabilities, a non-intrusive support network that does more than just keep the amplifier unconditionally stable.

I1 Incredible sound that you can hear every detail

The I1 integrated amplifier is possibly the most complex project that CH Precision has ever undertaken – and the most versatile product we have ever produced. Imagine the core qualities and capabilities of the C1.2 DAC Controller and A1.5 Amplifier combined in a single box. Now throw in the choice parts of the L1 Line-stage and add the option of a P1 phono-stage, all combined in a single, standard CH chassis and you begin to get the picture.

The 10 Series Flagship Components

The same revolutionary system architecture, sophisticated software control and expandable, configurable topology as the 1 Series but with unprecedented levels of performance. More power, more capability but above all, much more performance. The 10 Series has exceeded even our expectations.

1 Series Classic Components

Where it all started. CH Precision’s Classic Series components established not just the name but also the company’s ground-breaking approach. Ultra-short, fully discrete, fully complimentary signal paths are combined with the power of sophisticated software control to deliver. The result is astonishingly natural, communicative musical performance from a system that you can shape or adapt to your every need.

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