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No name is more closely associated with luxury audio amplifiers than Dan D’Agostino. Whether you’re looking to experience the all out audio assault of their Relentless Mono amplifier, or upgrade your streaming experience with the Progression integrated amplifier, D’Agostino is in stock and ready to audition.

Relentless Series

The Relentless Mono Amplifier is the result of an all-out pursuit to design an amplifier without limits. Incorporating elements of the Momentum series, breakthrough circuit topologies, and a new power transistor, the Relentless Mono Amplifier maintains its harmonic integrity, dynamic structure, and dimensional soundstage from its first watt to the more than 11,000 watts it is capable of delivering into a 1ohm load. With its practically unlimited power, the Relentless Mono Amplifier will drive any loudspeaker to its fullest potential, from a mere whisper to thundering dynamics.

Momentum Series

The Momentum M400 Mono Amplifier delivers magnificently on the initial design goals of substantial power and incomparable refinement from a compact chassis. The Momentum M400 Mono Amplifier provides loudspeaker control at any volume level accompanied by unparalleled finesse to deliver a thrilling musical experience. Worldwide, reviewers, critics, and end users praise the performance and elegant aesthetic design. Global recognition includes more than a dozen "best of" awards and the highest ever review scores for sound and measured performance.

Progression Series

The Progression M550 Mono Amplifier combines two normally exclusive traits—remarkable power output and exquisite musical finesse. Power is essential to great sound reproduction. The significant power output of the Progression M550 Mono Amplifier provides the unflappable power source required for distortion-free driver motion. Of course, the amplifiers will play loud but it is the control of the speaker drivers that distinguish these amplifiers from typical designs.

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