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Otherworldly design meets incredible sonic integrity.

Devialet pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved with audio engineering with high-fidelity products: amplifiers, speakers, earbuds, and their newest soundbar. Stop by our showrooms to experience truly unique products for yourself.

Speakers From Revolution to Reference

Phantom has been revolutionizing the speaker game since its release, and has gone on to become a reference for acoustic excellence.

A New Breed of Speaker

By combining a series of radical patented technologies, Phantom consistently shatters expectations, at every step of the sound reproduction chain.

Soundbar Intensely Immersive

Devialet Dione is Devialet’s acoustic engineering applied to home cinema: a high-end, all-in-one Dolby Atmos® 5.1.2 soundbar that elevates all contents on your television.

Engineering Excellence

Seventeen autonomous high-end drivers deliver dynamic midrange and crystal-clear treble, while eight built-in SAM®-powered subwoofers remove any need for additional equipment, making Devialet Dione a truly all-in-one soundbar.

Earbuds Tune In

Devialet Gemini true wireless earbuds provides superior, immersive sound thanks to adaptive signal tweaking that automatically fits your music to your ear shape.

Enjoy Deep Focus

Devialet Gemini's Active Noise Cancellation mode continually removes background noise, giving you the space you need to focus on what you are doing, whether it's listening, working, or talking.

Amplifiers Incomparable Performances

Expert Pro is the world’s most advanced audiophile system, meant for music lovers in search of a refined and emotional listening experience. Designed to replace traditional Hi-Fi systems, Expert Pro delivers all the core elements of playback – preamp, amp, DAC, streamer, phono stage – in a single and ultra-compact unit.

Entirely Configurable

By rethinking sound reproduction at every turn, Devialet engineers have been able to achieve the best performance ever measured, at all power levels. Entirely configurable and upgradable, Expert Pro reveals your music’s full potential, whatever the source or speakers.

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