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Introducing Duetto The Iconic Sound of Sonus Faber, Now Wireless


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Sonus Faber: Top shelf technology meets unmistakably Italian design.

From the lyrical finesse of the Olympica series to the profound resonance of the Stradivari, Sonus Faber has set benchmarks in audio craftsmanship. Definitive, Seattle's elite audio destination, proudly presents these exquisite Sonus Faber lines alongside the brand new Duetto wireless speakers and more. Join us to witness firsthand the legacy and precision of Sonus Faber in our Seattle location with the just released Stradivari.

Duetto Exquisite Sound Has Never Been Simpler

Duetto is Sonus faber’s first active stereo wireless loudspeaker system. Duetto combines 40 years of high-fidelity audio engineering with Sonus faber’s signature design queues in a compact system. Expertly designed for both the analog and digital worlds, Duetto is WiFi Certified, featuring full capability for digital connection to popular audio streamers such as AirPlay, Chromecast, Tidal, Spotify, and Bluetooth. Using HDMI and optical inputs, it easily connects to televisions, turntables, and active subwoofers.

Stradivari Unparalleled Sound Wrapped in Stunning Design

Inspired by the excellence of the legendary Italian Renaissance violin making tradition, the Stradivari speaker is a testament to Sonus faber's dedication to innovation and ingenuity. In the eighteenth century the violin making tradition evolved, challenging the classical rules and enlarging the instrument’s shape to create a unique tone. Likewise, the Stradivari speaker seamlessly blends Sonus faber’s design and engineering philosophy to produce an unparalleled soundstage.

Olympic Nova Collection The Heart of Sonus Faber

Since 1983, many moments have marked the history of Sonus faber; the launch of the Olympic Collection 6 years ago is one of them. One of the first lines presented as a complete family of products, but above all, the very first one to feature original drivers, entirely designed in Sonus Faber. Olympica Nova is the second generation of the iconic family of 2013, improved in its form and substance, imbued with the timeless values that inspired us in creating the original line. The result is a new Collection that embraces the most advanced technologies that already enhance their most prestigious creations.

Homage Collection Award Winning Sound

Cutting-edge technology defines the latest generation of Homage. Each upgrade elevates the sonic power of Homage, while maintaining pristine musical detail. The result is transformative, three-dimensional sound, replicating the sensation of a live performance inside any space. Stunning design is a cornerstone of the Homage series. The newest generation marries old-world artisanship with contemporary elegance. Homage’s iconic wood lute-shaped cabinets are now available in three stunning finishes: Graphite, Wengè and Red.

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