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Join us October 19th in Bellevue for a showcase of SONY's elite home theater solutions. This is not just another event; this is where technology meets inspired design. Discover the luxury lineup of a brand you only think you know.


Experience the Talk of CEDIA 2023: The 110” CH Series Crystal LED Wall

This isn't just any LED display; it's a testament to the boundaries Sony continues to push in visual innovation. Leveraging ultra-fine micro-LEDs, the CH Series amalgamates millions of self-illuminating pixels to deliver breathtaking brightness, impeccable contrast, and vibrant colors beyond the ordinary. Its modular nature means scalability to immense sizes without compromising resolution, creating a seamless canvas for visionary creators. Embrace the confluence of art and technology, and let the SONY CH Series inspire you to visualize, design, and manifest the future.

See the unparalleled brilliance of the SONY GTZ380 Raptor 4k projector in action.

Boasting a native 4K resolution and delivering an astonishing 10,000 lumens of brightness, the GTZ380 redefines immersive viewing experiences. Its laser light source ensures color precision. The SONY GTZ380 is not just a tool—it's an invitation to push boundaries, challenge conventions, and redefine the cinematic landscape.

Be among the First in to experience the best TV in the world.

Elevate your viewing experience with the SONY a95L TV, a masterpiece that beautifully integrates unparalleled technology and engineering. Powered by an advanced OLED panel, the a95L delivers deep blacks and radiant colors, guaranteeing a contrast ratio that showcases every nuance of your content. The cutting-edge XR Processor ensures lightning-fast response times, enhancing dynamic action scenes and rendering them with crystal clear precision. The TV boasts a 4K resolution, rendering each frame with four times the detail of Full HD. Its bezel-less design, combined with an ultra-slim profile, is complemented by Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, where the sound comes directly from the screen, offering a more immersive audio-visual experience. Multiple HDMI 2.1 ports and eARC support ensure that you're future-ready, with seamless compatibility for next-gen gaming consoles and advanced sound systems.

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See how to upgrade your living room with 4k projection and multi channel audio.

Enjoy a symphony of SONY's native 4k projection paired with the auditory genius of Bowers and Wilkins powered by the latest SONY top of the line AV receiver. Join us, and be part of this transformative journey where you'll discover what's really possible in home entertainment.